"You have to let everyone express themselves according to their internal motivations" -Pina Bausch

I tell you more !

My first training was the degree in Labor Relations, a profession that allowed me to work with group dynamics and accompany individual career development processes related to personal growth.

In 2006 life offered me the opportunity to live in France, from where I could travel to other countries and learn about different cultures and ways of seeing and living life.

Years later I had the experience of living in Japan, traveling to India where I completed my Yoga training and to Thailand where I was trained in dance and sexuality for women.

Thanks to my own experience in my dance classes on the healing aspects of movement and to these trainings, in 2013 I was trained as a dance therapist, I started a career in Psychology and a training process in Tantra and sexuality. Since then I have dedicated myself to giving individual sessions and group workshops on dance therapy and creative dance, both independently and in institutions.

I know that everyone is capable of overcoming their traumas and heal themselves; it is about trusting yourself, finding the right accompaniment for the journey and knowing how to give yourself the necessary time, without haste. The proposal is that in the careful environment of the sessions you can unfold your truth, and then transfer it to your daily life and your links.

We are a unit, so in the approach that I propose the axis is put in the body and the movement, but we also work from the word and the spirituality. My proposal is based on the body work proposed by dance therapy and I also take elements from Western psychology and Eastern philosophy and yoga. Each person is unique and that is why each process is different, with its own forms and time and from this premise I start for my work.