"Your task is not to search for love, but simply to search and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi


Energy is defined as a force to act physically or mentally. Sexual energy is from which we are created, it accompanies us throughout our lives and allows us to get moving for everyday life.

When sexual energy is blocked or stagnant, this is reflected in the outside world, producing negative effects in various areas such as work, the economy, relationships, the ability to carry out projects, creativity and of course, sexuality.

Sexual energy as the creative impulse that enhances libido and allows us to put our desire into action.

Working with sexual energy and sexuality is a way of walking the healing path because it mobilizes our most intimate and vulnerable places. It links us with how we inhabit our body and the encounter with other bodies; It teaches us to inhabit with full awareness of what is happening to us internally in the present moment and from there inhabit the encounter with the outside.

This path can be started or traveled both personally and as a couple. It will depend on the situation and the search of each one.

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." - Rumi


How we work?

The main tools that I use to work on the therapeutic approach from sexuality are Tantra and Taoism. These currents propose various meditations, breathing exercises, cathartic dance, body sensory work, bonding meditations, work with archetypes, and many more! that will allow you to heal blockages at the mental and physical level. Over time at work and as these blocks and traumas are "cleared", you will begin to see how this internal work is reflected on the outside in various areas of daily life.

The main tools I work with are:

Tantra Kriya Yoga
It is a system of yoga postures and breathing exercises to consciously move and activate sexual energy throughout the body. It works at all levels of life, strengthening the body, calming emotions, improving thought processes and leading to an overall balance.

Female sexuality
A woman disconnected from her sexuality and her sensuality becomes opaque, she loses her natural glow, self-confidence, her innate creativity, and her ability to feel pleasure. When we open ourselves to experiencing our sensuality, our erotic nature and our sexuality fully, we expand and that is lived as a flowering from the inside out.
What are you waiting for to enjoy life fully?

Tantra for couples

A couple can be based on the need to cover gaps or insecurities and it can also be the sacred union of two people who are chosen each day to share their lives with open hearts and from their truth. It is where we most easily tend to deposit our joys as well as our shadows and unresolved aspects of ourselves, so a relationship can be a wonderful way for transformation and self-knowledge.

The problems that come our way in our relationships are a reflection of our childhood wounds and the opportunity to heal themThe proposal includes:

Bonding meditations

Breathing exercises


Tantra and Taoism tools

Deepen intimacy and contact

Couples massage

Work about communication

Strengthen union growth.

It is a space where each member of the couple gives themselves to work their own wounds together.

Why is it beneficial for you to be part of this proposal?

Because it is a path that invites you to heal through pleasure and the expansion of the senses. Because each proposal invites you to explore your inner world and your bonds, and because only by knowing yourself is it possible to bond with others in a sensitive, loving and honest way. Because recognizing your own shadows is what will allow you to shine more strongly. Because all the beauty of the Universe is already within you, and you only need to remember it.

Indira's concept of going from the inside out finds its maximum expression in what the philosophy of Tantra proposes. The absolute presence in the here and now, inhabiting the body, contacting the primary emotions, and from there, with a sensitive heart and posing the trust in your own truth, open yourself to the encounter with the world. That is, to experience life in all its dimensions.

Unlock traumas linked to sexuality

Expand the ability to fully feel your emotions and your body

Deepen or improve the way of connecting with others and with the environment

Develop self-confidence

Cleaning acquired behavior patterns that are already outdated and prevent you from expanding

Energetically clean your reproductive channel

Align your menstrual cycle with the phases of the Moon

Regular painful or emotionally unbalanced periods

Improve sexuality with your partner

Deepen the emotional bond and develop trust in the partner

Explore the orgasmic capacity of your body

"Tantra is not a series of techniques to improve sexuality but a way of life, which requires dedication and openness, honesty and commitment, and that using sexual energy improves all aspects of our life. I invite you to walk this path of life with me. openness to the truth and love that each one of us is. " - Valeria