Various studies show that well-being at work is essential for the general well-being of an individual, since a large number of hours a week are spent in the workplace and it is also a source of personal ties. In turn, well-being at work reduces stress levels, dramatically reduces absenteeism, turnover and low productivity, as well as the presence of errors. 

When you think about these variables, the proposals that are sought and offered are always linked to the work environment. But what if we go a little further and think something different? As a graduate in Labor Relations, dance therapist and psychology student who will defend the thesis, I have the tools to offer you a different proposal, where not only work environment and relationships within your company are worked, but also well-being itself . A space where you learn to recognize your own needs and times, the strongest and most sensitive points in yourself and how to approach a healthy balance between private and work life.

Taking tools from Yoga, dance therapy, Western psychology, Eastern philosophy and my experience in human resources in companies of various characteristics, I offer you for your company a different space where each of its members can explore themselves, explore the link with your colleagues and the best way to contribute to your work tasks. I offer you three different formats, which can take the form of the face-to-face and the virtual. 

Within each format, each proposal is uniquely designed according to your needs and those of your organization.

"They have all been made for a particular job and the desire for that job has been put in every heart." Rumi